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This is what is known as Play Group Class simply because 90% of knowledge is acquired through play. For this class, we admit learners without administering any interviews. All children aged 3 years qualify to be members of the class and registration is done throughout the year.

At Hillside, Play Group curriculum enables children to continue their exploration giving chance for maximum brain development.

Although it may not necessarily have a set curriculum design, it is an important stage as it familiarizes children with school environment.

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PP1 to Grade/Class 7

Interviews to join Pp1 to Grade/Class 7 are ALWAYS ONGOING to make sure that all those who pass grab a golden chance to join Hillside School, Utawala.

To join Pp1, the child must be 4 years old in January, or slightly higher with some months.

During interviews; Parents/Guardians/Caregivers will be expected to bring:

  1. A copy of birth certificate of the pupil.
  2. Academic Report form from the previous school.
  3. 2 most recent passport size photos of the pupil.

The pupils are always tested on a number of items in all learning areas, in a single day.

Confirmation of qualification is done on the same day of the interview.

Intake ongoing
Pre-primary to class 7