Covid-19 Preparedness

Strict Measures

To ensure our children's safety against Covid-19

Covid-19 has brought us many changes and as a school we are a dynamic institution, alert on safety, health and security of our pupils. We are well prepared to curb the spread in the following areas:

  • We have stocked sufficient handwashing stations at strategic places with adequate supply of clean running water.
  • At the handwashing points, we have supplied enough liquid soap to help in killing germs.
  • Dispensers of sanitizers and disinfectants are strategically placed.
  • Before entry into our school, one is well inspected by use of non-touch thermometers.
  • We have established a Covid-19 response committee to ensure implementation and compliance with Covid-19 guidelines on health and safety protocol as promulgated by the ministry of MoH and MoE.
  • Our guiding and counselling departments are active to deal with stress related disorders arising from effects of COVID-19 such as stigmatization and to provide mental and psychological support to pupils as well as teachers and support staff.