Our Motto

Soaring High


To make learning fun and offer a caring child centered learning environment that promotes respect, excellence and love for learning while supporting pupils to achieve their full potential.


We aim to foster the academic and personal growth of each child in a serene, safe and respectful environment and promote a collaborative relationship between pupils, teachers, parents and strike to cultivate responsible citizenship.

Boarding Section

In an endeavor to maintain our proud tradition of providing “A home away from home” for our Pupils, we have a state of the art boarding facilities. Here, Pupils from all over the nation will reside.
The hostels are well it, large and airy with all modern facilities including personal wardrobes, clothes pressing room, cubicles for four and hot showers. Power is maintained 24 hours and its environment is kept sparkling clean and neat. We also offer laundry services.
On catering, Our Chef, Stanly, prepares nutritionally balanced meals which are attractive to young people. The menu is planned on a five week rotation, taking into considering seasonal produce. It is assessed by a dietician to include the proportion of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, Vitamins and minerals as well as the calorie requirements for each day.

Health and Safety

School staff are fully instructed in their responsibilities in this respect. Projects on Health and hygiene will be held from time to time. Sex education is one small element of health education, starting with the reception class and continuing through class 8.
The reproduction aspect includes ideas such as physical differences, growth, changes and personal relationships. The school nurse will talk to class 6 and above annually about growing up. Parents have right to withdraw their child from this element of sex Education.

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Activities, Discipline and School Rules

After-school Activities
Activities which will be organized in school either on a regular basis or termly include but are not limited to:- nature Club, Visit to children homes, Chess, Choir, music including school band, Drama, Football, Netball, Indoor games, Swimming, scouting, Cookery Club, Fun days, Non-uniform Days, Local and foreign education trips.

Displine is positive as possible and parents are expected to support the school to maintain the high standards at all times. Pupils who achieve good results are rewarded with stars for their house team. When a pupil’s behavior is not accepted, the child is warned and any subsequent lapse is not noted in the incident book.


School Rules

A high standard of behavior is expected from all pupils at all times. Pupils will be encouraged to work hard and play hard at all activities.

Rules should be kept to a minimum but those which exist are important and must be observed.

Apart from the obvious ones concerning good behavior in classrooms, corridors and playgrounds, the rights of the individual child to pursue work and leisure in an orderly fashion without upsetting others will always be stressed. Children must observe the rules:

  • We keep our hands and feet to ourselves.
  • Walk in school
  • Follow instructions given by an adult.
  • Be polite and helpful in school.
  • Don’t leave the building without permission.
  • Toys and sweets are not normally allowed in school.
  • We come to school to learn.

Intake ongoing
Pre-primary to class 7